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10 January 1984
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Okay. I had to scrap my old profile. It was written for my myspace "about me". And because I have to front over there for delicate ears, I ain't gotta do that here. If you're reading this, you already know some of my attributes.

Outside of family, friends, and God, I have a three loves in my life.

1. Reading
Harry Potter has been a HUGE part of my life. I've been a fan for a little less than half of my life. I'm currently 25 (yeah, I don't care if you know) and have been reading since I was 15.

My short introduction to the most amazing world in literature goes like this. I grew up in a really small, very rural town in South Carolina. So, because I was a total geek, I spent a lot of time in the tiny library. I saw Prisoner of Azkaban on display and looked it over. I've always been drawn to books on the shelves by their appearance. Thus, giving in to doing the opposite of the familiar quote. I read the info on the inside flap and knew instantly I had to read it. I looked and found it to be the third in the series. Therefore, Sorcerer's Stone went home with me that night. I have thus been hooked!

After Harry, my second favorite mythical world resides in the J.R. Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I jumped head-first it into upon my mother's recommendation. And since she normally sticks to Dean Koontz and the like, thought it was noteworthy. Such great advice, as it turned out to be a freakin amazing series. It follows a band of vampiric warriors as they battle life, love, and the Lessening Society (their enemies). Each book focuses on a particular warrior. It goes on to let you devel into their thoughts, watch them woo and fall head-first (well, a different head, anyways) for their mate (female), and struggle with whatever is going down with them. Ward really captures this world and seems to be in tune with the Brothers. With a combination of action, romance, camaraderie, and--my God the--sex, it's a true page-turner.

2. Supernatural

Thursday nights can find me tuned into the local CW station. To watch TV's most gorgeous duo. Man, to contain gushiness when watching that show is no small feat. It has everything. Action. Suspense. Thrills. And, more importantly, Sam and Dean. From Dean's sexy, bad-ass persona to Sam's adorable, boy-next-door attitude, who wouldn't be able to resist. I wouldn't be surprised if the mass majority of their viewers were female. Dean's that rogue type, bad boy that your father's polished his shotgun for. And Sam is the one that the same father would be rushing you down the aisle to marry. Well, that is if they don't know his whole story.

And I that's what attracts me to Sam moreso than Dean. While he has a face that could easily win every Puppy Dog Eyes award, he has that dark-seeded air about him. That any fan knows is an actuality. And all us Evil!Sam fans got a bit of satiation during Season Two's "Born Under A Bad Sign". Sam doesn't look too bad with black eyes. And with the exception of him beating the shit out Dean, that aura surging around him had me in trembles. But all that aside, he's better off staying with Dean and on the side of good. After all, we've already lost one Winchester (and for a "short" time, two) to the Pits of Hell. And I'm adamant about them not getting a third.

3. Gamecock football and Blue Devil basketball

I couldn't tell you how long I've been screaming for the "Cocks". But, I trace it to, at least, middle school age. And, why I love the team, we are probably one of the worst in college football history. However, we have some of the most spirited and loyal fans in the sport. Kind of have to, based on our track record. I'll admit, it's tough rooting for a team that I know will probably coming out on the losing end of a game. And even harder to ignore the idiot Georgia fans out there that have on a HUGE superiority complex. Yeah, you're good. Get over yourselves and shut the hell up! I bleed Garnet & Black and PROUD!

However, when it comes to basketball, I couldn't be more opposite with my choice team. Duke is one one of the best teams out there. Very famous (well, more like notorious) among the college basketball circuit, I'm all the time labeled as a band-wagon fan. HAH! I may have only been rooting since the 1999-2000 season, but that was before their popularity took off. In fact, we were in a slump, not having truly performed well in half a decade. But, I was supporting them and screaming "Here We Go Devils" right around the time I was also screaming "More Harry!" And I've been Blue & White since. And a true hater of ugly-ass Baby Blue. Yes, I don't like the Tarheels. As a note for those who know me in Real Life: when I start having children, and pregnant with a boy, please do NOT buy Baby blue. Not allowed in my house, definately won't let it defile my child. Obsessive maybe. But with good reasoning. North Carolina fans make Georgia fans look like true gems.

So, that's me in a nutshell. Well with my loves. Which is what you're most likely to read about throughout my journal.

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